Las Huellas Crawfish Boil

Join Us for Our Annual Crawfish Boil To Support South Texas Wildlife Conservation

The Las Huellas Crawfish Boil is a lively and fun event held every year to help promote Las Huellas’s efforts as an advocate for South Texas wildlife conservation, landowners, and sportsmen. The Crawfish Boil is a place for fellow nature lovers looking for community and a chance to give back to South Texas. As one of our biggest annual events, you can rest assured that the Crawfish Boil is home to plenty of togetherness and excitement!

Too often we take the natural world around us for granted, but Las Huellas wants to help South Texans appreciate the beauty and richness of the outdoors. You can do your part by attending our annual Las Huellas Crawfish Boil!

Stop By the Las Huellas Crawfish Boil for Great Food, Community, and Conservation

All-You-Can-Eat Crawfish



Live Music



Support the Las Huellas Mission

Here at Las Huellas, we are committed to fostering the health and diversity of South Texas wildlife, and we carry out this work through annual events and contributions to organizations and projects working to support nature conservation and appreciation for the outdoors. We are passionate about the outdoors, and we share that passion with those who contribute to our cause. Together, we work to increase the knowledge and appreciation of South Texas wildlife.

How Your Contributions Are Spent

Our organization began as an advocate for the wild turkey population in South Texas, but we have since expanded our efforts to include South Texas wildlife conservation more broadly, as well as nature education and involvement. Over our decade-long life as an independent organization, we’ve given nearly $800,000 to conservation and wildlife organizations in South Texas, including Fishing’s Future, Boy Scouts, National Butterfly Center, Migratory Bird Flyway Conservation, and several children and teen wildlife and agricultural organizations.

The 2024 Las Huellas Crawfish Boil

The 2024 Fundraising Banquet will be held on Saturday, May 4th, at 6 p.m. in the IBC El Ranchito, 221 El Jardin Heights Rd. Brownsville. Single tickets start at $75 with table reservations at $550 ($650 after April 15th). 

Stop by the annual Las Huellas Crawfish Boil to support South Texas Conservation.