Our Impact
Giving Back to South Texas

Supporting Nature Conservation, Education, and Involvement in South Texas

Las Huellas is dedicated to advocating on behalf of nature and wildlife in South Texas, but what does that mean in practice? Since our work began more than 10 years ago, we’ve given more than $1.6 million to nonprofits supporting South Texas wildlife and wildlife education. 100% of the money we raise goes back toward conservation efforts, scholarships, and charities in the region, with our time spent educating residents on the natural wonder of the world around them.

None of our work is possible without generous donations from people like you. We appreciate your support.$1.6 million

How Does Las Huellas Impact the Community?

Conservation Education

Las Huellas works to educate local children and adults on the diverse wildlife and natural richness of South Texas.

Local Scholarships

Education is the key to protecting our wildlife in the long run. That’s why Las Huellas supports local scholarships.

Support for Conservation Efforts

Through partnerships and donations, Las Huellas supports wildlife releases, environmental studies, and wildlife preservation.

Our Partnerships in South Texas Conservation

During our time serving South Texas, we’ve worked with a wide variety of different wildlife and wildlife education organizations in the region. We’ve given our support for a range of causes, including:

  • Boys Scouts
  • Cameron County 4-H Archery Club
  • Fishing’s Future
  • Friends of the Ocelot
  • Guadalupe Middle School
  • Hooked for Life Kids Gone Fish’n
  • The Kleberg Wildlife Research Turkey Trap
  • Los Fresnos Nature Club
  • Migratory Bird Flyway Conservation
  • National Butterfly Center
  • RGV Livestock Show 4-H FFA
  • Texas Brigades
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Valley Proud
  • Willacy County Young Farmers Association
  • Youth Duck Hunt

The Las Huellas Endowment Fund

In addition to its efforts to support conservation efforts, Las Huellas is a strong advocate on behalf of conservation education. As a part of that advocacy, we created the Las Huellas Association Endowed Fund to offer aid to students working toward wildlife habitat conservation careers. That fund, in the amount of $500,000, is available to students at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley College of Sciences. This fund is an important part of the ongoing effort to conserve the Rio Grande Valley’s natural resources. 

The Las Huellas Mission: South Texas Nature Advocacy

When our work began, we were primarily focused on the restoration of the wild turkey population in the Rio Grande Valley, but it’s since become clear that our support is needed across all aspects of nature conservation. Toward that end, we hold several key fundraising events throughout the year to help raise funds for conservation efforts and education. You can join us at our Annual Fundraising Banquet or Catfish Boil, or one of our other regular events for community, advocacy, and good times.

Want to support our efforts to advocate for nature and wildlife in South Texas? Do your part with a donation or sponsorship.