Current Projects

Past Projects

Las Huellas partnership with anti-tick method on Nilgai

El Sauz Behind the Gates

In conjunction with the East Foundation, Las Huellas funds 1200 school children to engage in conservation education opportunity at El Sauz ranch.

Every year, Las Huellas runs and funds Hunters Education training for up to 100 students. Stay tuned for next training date.

Restablishment of the local population of wild turkeys

With over 100 wild turkeys and hatchlings released to date. Thanks to the efforts of Las Huellas, the wild turkey population continues to grow and spread in Cameron County. If you see turkeys, take a picture and share it with us.

Annual Fishing at Rio Grande Valley

This annual event introduces the youth of Brownsville to the joys of fishing. Over the years, we’ve given out over 20,000 rod and reel combos at various events in the Rio Grande Valley.