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Joining Forces to Support Conservation in South Texas

Here at Las Huellas, we are proud to partner with a variety of organizations and entities working toward the protection of South Texas wildlife. Las Huellas partnerships offer these groups unique opportunities and synergistic benefits that help them do more with what they have. We cherish every opportunity to help support conservation efforts, and we are dedicated to facilitating robust contributions to conservation. To that end, we encourage you to reach out and learn more about how a Las Huellas partnership can help your organization fight for South Texas wildlife.

A female wild turkey

What Are the Benefits of a Las Huellas Partnership?

South Texas Connections

Our organization has extensive connections in the South Texas conservation community, and you can utilize these connections to make your contributions go further.

Donation Matching

Las Huellas offers donation matching opportunities for organizations seeking to raise funds for South Texas conservation efforts.

Funding Applications

We are happy to help organizations get the funding that they need to do the hard work of protecting South Texas wildlife.

Our South Texas Conservation Partners

We’re proud to call ourselves a partner of many organizations working hard to protect nature and wildlife in South Texas. We have some truly awesome partners, including:

  • Boys Scouts
  • Cameron County 4-H Archery Club
  • Fishing’s Future
  • Friends of the Ocelot
  • Guadalupe Middle School
  • Hooked for Life Kids Gone Fish’n
  • The Kleberg Wildlife Research Turkey Trap
  • Los Fresnos Nature Club
  • Migratory Bird Flyway Conservation
  • National Butterfly Center
  • RGV Livestock Show 4-H FFA
  • Texas Brigades
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Valley Proud
  • Willacy County Young Farmers Association
  • Youth Duck Hunt

Our Research Partners: Making Conservation Possible

As an organization founded on the principles of wildlife conservation, we have been thrilled by our opportunities to provide support for wildlife research in South Texas. We have partnered with organizations working toward the conservation of both the Texas wild turkey population and the ocelot population. We have also helped support efforts to combat fever tick in South Texas wildlife.

Who Can Become a Las Huellas Partner?

Las Huellas supports conservation efforts in two different ways: we provide connections and donation matching for organizations looking to establish conservation grants and scholarships, and we provide funding and financial support for organizations doing the on-the-groundwork of conservation and conservation education. If you think we might be able to help you in your work toward protecting Texas wildlife, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can tell you more about what we do and how we can help.

Las Huellas participating in a turkey release event

Want to join us in supporting South Texas wildlife conservation? Reach out to become a Las Huellas partner.