What We Do

Our scholarships and grants reflect those whose passions and education are in line with what we do.

The Las Huellas Association serves as an advocate for the benefit of South Texas wildlife and for the rights of South Texas wildlife managers, landowners, and sportsmen in educational and wildlife habitat-related arenas.

Focus on Education and Outreach

We are dedicated to educating people of all ages, especially the youth of South Texas, about the conservation, management, and enhancement of wildlife and wildlife habitat to ensure the preservation of our cherished resources for future generations.​

We provide financial assistance to students passionate about wildlife and outdoors

We believe that education is the key to creating positive change, and by awarding scholarships to students who embody this belief, we hope to empower the next generation of environmentalists.

Our goal is to help as many students as possible achieve their dreams of a college education, and in turn, help protect our planet’s natural resources.​

Application Forms


Las Huellas grants are awarded to those whose interest are in line with our mission statement and wish to help support our community and preserve our cherished resources for future generations.

If you feel your mission aligns with ours, please fill out the form provided.


Las Huellas scholarships are awarded to those whose passion is to further their education in wildlife and environmental sciences.

If these are your fields of interest we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the application form provided.


I am so thankful to have been a grant recipient from Las Huellas. Their passion for the outdoors and South Texas is an inspiration. Their support has allowed me to continue my research and interest in wildlife conservation.
- Grant recipient
My dreams of attaining an education in wildlife conservation and management was made a reality thanks to Las Huellas. Their support served as a source of motivation and encouragement while I worked hard to achieve my goals. Thank you Las Huellas for believing in me and providing the means to make my dreams come true.“
- Scholarhip Recipient

Every year Las Huellas provides scholarships of a significant portion to assist students that are pursuing degrees that will lead to improved wildlife conservation.


Past Scholarship Recipients

Recipients Who Have Earned Their Doctorates

Kathryn M. Sliwa

Lisa Diane Zoromski

Past scholarship recipients ( after 2015)

Holsen Moore​
Paige Lee Stanko​
Bailey Helmer​
Rachel McGinnis​
Zachary Gray​
Xavier Hinojosa​
Caitlynn Cruz​
Mariela Martinez​
Miguel Patino​
Nisa Zuniga​
Vianca Citlali Flores
Robert Fisher​
Raquel Castorena​

William Jack Scogin​
Deziree Rivera​
Cara Cash​
Jake Dillon Chappell​
Cristian Gerardo Gonzalez​
Ricardo Ibarra Jr​
Jocelyn Quintero​
Dominique Danielle Perales​
Manuel Perez III​
Victoria Ilyne Mendez​
Kirsten Nicole Kinney​
Madison T. Wilson​
Silvia Maldonado​
Jaime Gonzalez​

Jordan Rudd​
Samantha Perez​
Damaris Guevara​
Tristen Cruz​
Bailey Scoggins​
Kenneth miller​
Karina Farias​
Alyssa Cawfield​
Kaylee Jones​
Daniel Elizondo Jr​
Amanda Nicole Perez​
Truett Cawlfield