The Las Huellas Endowment Fund

Supporting Conservation Education in the Rio Grande Valley

In an effort to foster wildlife conservation education in South Texas, Las Huellas has created the Las Huellas Association Endowed Fund at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV). The $500,000 fund will be used to provide scholarships for students studying wildlife conservation at the UTRGV College of Science. The College focuses on hands-on experience and community-centered learning, with wildlife conservation students studying the controlled use and protection of natural resources and habitats.

How the Las Huellas Endowment Fund Impacts the Rio Grande Valley

Foster Conservation Advancements

Support Student Life

Encourage Conservation Study

Support the Natural Habitat

Prepare Students for Modern Problems

A Growing Investment in Wildlife Biology: The Ultimate Goal of the Fund

Helping provide education for generations of students studying wildlife conservation is a key goal of our organization, but we do have a larger goal. The ultimate goal of the Las Huellas Association Endowed Fund is to help encourage the formation of a Wildlife Biology Institute at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. We hope to create desperately needed wildlife-related human capital in South Texas through exceptional education at UTRGV. 

Enabling the New Great Minds of Wildlife Conservation in South Texas

One of the biggest potential impacts of the Las Huellas Association Endowed Fund is the creation of the next great minds in conservation in South Texas. One of the biggest long-term hurdles in wildlife conservation is the need to continuously adapt to changing conditions, and that means having people in place who can formulate new plans and tactics to meet new challenges. That’s why Las Huellas is so proud to support the education of the next generation of wildlife conservation experts.

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